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I am sorry for this rant (may have some errors, just typed as the thought came)I am angered, upset, and feel the need to verbalize ...

  • Feeling very sickened by the world right about now. Very very sickened.
  • To hear of innocent Palestinian people being killed, every day, without the chance to even fend for themselves, by Israeli's, who occupied what was originally the land of Palestinians due to a Partition Plan, really hurts my heart. So I just pray for both Israel, to stop being destructive, and for Palestine, that they can rebuild after being caused such pain and persecution for so many years, not only by Israeli's, but from the Western world as well.
  • People have a tendency to make assumptions about the middle east, deem it an "unknown," or mysterious place, due in part to the religious differences, the battle between Muslim vs. everything else and some Americans do tend to take sides because the Jewish religion may seem more "safe" or relatable to Christianity--there is this mis perception or faulty representation of the Middle East--this concept of orientalism-- the assumptions made about the "eastern world," about you know, certain religious practices, but when all of this is stripped away, when it comes down to it--we are dealing with lives--for the Jewish people who were persecuted to now turn around and oppress a people whose land they have occupied completely, and a people who they have broken down- I really do feel sickened, angered, and helpless in a sense-- so I am really meditating for healing for Palestinians and for Israel.
  • So I am sorry to Palestine on behalf of the world--on behalf of those who do not understand the conflict, your right to live, grow as a nation, etc.
  • I am sorry, but do pray and send love, light and positivity, that this will all be over soon and that you all may heal individually and as a nation.



To which I respond, “never”.


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